A well designed website can be your personal sales assistant

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal assistant – one who can answer questions honestly and quickly, who can take messages for you, who is willing to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and who is willing to work for pennies a day? We all know such a person does not exist, or do they?

A website is just like an underpaid, super talented sales assistant that takes on some of your workload and frees up your time in a very unique and digital way.

What traits would you look for in a great sales assistant? Would you want them to look professional? take your calls and get to know your customers? have in-depth knowledge about your products and prices? convince customers to take action – make a purchase, come again, or book an appointment?

Realtors, financial advisors, personal trainers, consultants, or artists; whatever your profession, a virtual sales assistant can provide immeasurable benefits:

  1. Sales sites offer 24/7 support
    Even when your business is closed, your website stays open, offering product and service information to your potential clients.
  2. Websites cater to introverts and extroverts alike
    Websites help people make decisions by arming them with knowledge and information. Introverts are quiet by design; they aren’t likely to pick up the phone or walk in to talk with you until they have done as much online fact-finding as possible. For these people, the Internet is a very valuable tool, and your virtual sales assistant/website will be your most valuable ‘employee’. And don’t forget the extroverts; they too will appreciate the information you share on your site.
  3. Your website can effectively prospect for new clients
    An effectively search engine optimized site can attract customers who may not have otherwise phoned or shown up at your place of business.
  4. Your website can be professional and knowledgeable
    Like a great sales person, your website can be appealing, charismatic, equipped with in-depth product knowledge and up to date information, and can make a great pitch. You have complete control over the information your sales assistant presents, and you can change and rework that information until you get it just right.
  5. Your sales person can convince customers to return
    Like a great sales assistant, your site can convince people to come back. Keep your site content dynamic and fresh, giving visitors a reason to return and see what’s new.
  6. Your sales assistant should get to know people on a personal level
    Getting to know people isn’t easy to do in the virtual world, but it’s certainly not impossible. A carefully designed site can gather visitor information. Your site might offer newsletter subscription, product sales, friend referrals or marketing surveys. A visitor who interacts with your site can give you a name and contact details. In other words, a visitor who interacts with your site becomes a lead.
  7. Your sales assistant should be able to close a deal or get you one step closer to closing
    Your site design should mimic your real life strategy when it comes to closing a sale. If you are selling products, an online shopping cart might be in order. If you are selling services, you might need an online signup or contact form.
  8. Follow up
    The actual sale should not be the end of the sales process. Satisfied customers can lead to repeat business and referrals. Your sales assistant should ask your customers what they thought of their experience. In the online world, customer satisfaction surveys or short post-sales polls (built into your site) can give great feedback and can help you to improve your sales strategy.

A website can look great, can help convert leads into sales and can deliver your marketing message when you aren’t available to do it yourself – and all for less money than you would pay a personal assistant. It may not have credentials and a resume, but it is certainly capable of doing a great job.

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