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“Fellow Jazzercisers! I am a Jazzercise enthusiast from Victoria BC as well as the Director of Sales for Adedia - a Canada-wide web design and development firm.

Since 2007, I've gone to 4 Jazzercise classes a week, and to put it simply, I LOVE ‘my hour’.  It's kept me sane as I juggle my busy home life with our growing tech company.” ~ Carla

Since 2015, we've been offering Jazzercise microsites to help you:

Our Jazzercise microsites are inexpensive, corporately branded, easy to use, and customized just for you.

Call Carla at 250-514-2208 or email any time, and she'll help you share the Jazzercise love.

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Check out the features we can include on your website:


Check out a couple of sites we've built for other Jazzercise instructors!


What will it cost to build a website for my Jazzercise franchise?

Setup Fee

One-time set up fee is CAD 200.00 CAD + applicable taxes

Monthly Subscription Fee

CAD 25.00 + applicable taxes per month


What else do I need to know?

Technology scares me. How hard is it to learn how to use your service?

It might take you an hour or so to get the hang of things. But if you can use programs like MS Word and Outlook Calendar, then you won't have any trouble learning our system.

How long will it take you to build a website?

It's quick. It usually takes us less than a week to build a micro-site.

Are there any contracts or cancellation fees for your service?

No contracts or cancellation fees. We offer our services on a subscription basis. To cancel, just let us know - in writing - before your next payment due date. We send invoices 14 days before the next payment due date.

Does the calendar pull information from the JCLS page?

No, it doesn't, so we'll enter the first calendar month to get you started, and we'll show you how quick and easy it is to add your monthly schedule after that.

If I add a class to my schedule, how easy is it to update times or locations?

It's super easy to change class details if you need to, so everyone will know where to be and when.

I want to make sure my website can be found by Google. Can you help?

Absolutely! You are asking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We use current technology on our sites and keep up-to-date on all the things Google looks for. And there are plenty of things you can do too. Call us and we can chat about ideas.

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Yes, I want my own Jazzercise website. Now what?

To get started, all you need to do is email or call us to request an order form.

You will also need to send us a photo of yourself and your bio, your team list, your class schedule, and a list of your locations. Once we have all that, then we can put together a site that:

For more details or to get your own Jazzercise website, email or call Carla at 250-514-2208 any time!