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What should I blog about?

“What should I blog about?” It’s probably the most common question I hear from clients. You know that blogging can be an important way to improve the value of your website. You’ve know that Google will look at your website more favourably if you continually add unique, high-quality content to it. And yet ... when it comes time to write that content and to figure out what to say ... you freeze! Writing can be tough!

Benefits of a condo website

A condo website is a great communication tool. It provides residents 24-hour access to information about their community and community events. It also provides a great forum for board members to convey information about new board initiatives and accomplishments and to share documents (such as meeting minutes and agendas). It is a great place to post announcements (such as parking lot maintenance or building painting) to the community. In essence, condo websites bridge the communication gap that can often occur in larger communities.

How do I get people to link to my site?

Several of the questions we've been recently asked have revolved around link building. What is link building? Is it a good way to promote my website? How does Google feel about link building? How do I build links? In this blog post, I'll try to answer some of those questions by sharing some of the research we've done.

What Can I Do in Terms of SEO?

We’ve received a number of questions recently about SEO…. What is SEO? How does it work? What does Adedia do in terms of SEO? And how can I optimize my site?

How important is website content?

We all know that the most successful websites have mastered the combination of certain elements: colour scheme, layout, graphics, and navigation/usability. An aesthetic site with enticing graphics and carefully planned usability will leave a great first impression.

How to promote your website

A good web developer knows many tricks that will help optimize your site for search engines. Your developer may use keywords, page descriptions, optimized content, site maps and search engine submissions. But ultimately, your site belongs to you, and you will want to do whatever you can to market it. By following these simple steps, you can promote your site and help drive traffic to it.

Why launch a condo website?

As strata board members, we all face similar challenges. How do we keep our costs down? How do we ensure we’re protecting our members’ rights to privacy? How do we improve communication? How do we organize ourselves when board members retire? How do we streamline our tasks?

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