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How important is website content?

We all know that the most successful websites have mastered the combination of certain elements: colour scheme, layout, graphics, and navigation/usability. An aesthetic site with enticing graphics and carefully planned usability will leave a great first impression.

But what about content? The importance of site content is often overlooked, but it is as significant, if not more so, than the other elements that make a site ‘great’. A beautiful site leaves a great first impression. But a site with great content gives visitors a reason to come back.

In this technological age when people turn to the internet as a key source of information, content is the most valuable gift your site has to offer. If customers read top notch content on your site, they are likely to return. When a visitor reads something on your site and says, “Wow…this guy really knows what he’s talking about”, he suddenly becomes a lot more likely to come back. He might give you a call, and he might decide he wants to buy whatever you are selling.

Getting your point across to site visitors and potential customers is the key reason to have a website. You may think of your site as an online brochure, but it can be (and should be) much more. Your content should be stimulating, dynamic and should apply to your visitors’ lives and interests. Your site should promote you and your business. It should give potential clients the nudge they need to buy your products and services or to come back soon for another look.

Great content

  • can convince potential customers that you “know your stuff”
  • can increase traffic to your website
  • can add to site popularity by convincing customers to come back
  • can turn leads into sales
  • can increase page rank
  • can help generate a good Return on Investment

When you have something important to say, people will listen – or read – in the case of a website. If you want your site to be successful, you cannot compromise when it comes to your content. By combining great content with the more aesthetic elements of a successful site, you stand a much better chance of attracting repeat visitors and converting them into loyal, profitable customers.